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The Noteworthy Awards End of Summer Story Spectacular 2014.


Winner - We’re Locked in Time by thefangirlingbarista



Runner Up - Hiding Places by wakinguptired


Read Chapter 26 of When I Get You Alone on 1DFF (X)

I was too tired to state the obvious, that it wasn’t about him, when it was I let him know, furiously and often with sharp words, my fists and then, in a timely manner, my mouth, but my tongue couldn’t form around the thought. Things ran through my head languidly during times like these. I was worn down to a dull edge, safe handling for the people I’d hooked into making me their hobby. But there was that self-importance again and I wasn’t about to have it. I’d rather just sleep. 

It wasn’t like I was after melodrama (don’t get me wrong it fed me down to my very soul), to be honest somewhere below all the cobwebs dusting my insides I wanted that calm blissful normalcy Niall offered me. It was just my nature to bring things back around like this. I think secretly it excited him, gave him something to bleed for, a place to take a stand. Men were easy that way.

Underground Autumn Awards Nominees!


As promised, here’s the voting poll and the list of nominees for the Underground Autumn Awards. We’d like to thank everyone who nominated stories and participated, we were really surprised by the reception. If your story or a story you really like didn’t make the cut, no worries! There will be more awards and opportunities in the future! :)

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  2. Voting ends the 12th.
  3. You can vote HERE.

For all the nominees, here’s a lovely badge and congratulations! 


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Any chance of tdp being updated? I really like it!!

Eventually probably, next chapter is in the works. But I’ve no idea when. Bit busy always.

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because niall horan is a menace, inspired by this


by the time sam gets back to the campfire with arms full of extra graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, almost all the campers were gone. with a sigh, she realizes that louis must’ve gotten too impatient and led them all off for capture the flag before they were all treated to a s’more. oh well. the more for her, then.

the atmosphere is demure as she rids herself of the food and grabs a marshmallow and a decent poker stick. a few pockets of the younger campers remain, some of them sam’s six-year-olds for the week, along with liam, strumming softly on a guitar, and niall. of course niall.

sam knows he’s there because of his laugh, but she doesn’t seek him out until she’s seated on a log with her marshmallow over the fire. a moment later, she’s infinitely glad she’s seated; because when she finds that he’s across the fire, dancing with her camper anna, her legs get a little shaky. he’s smiling broadly, holding anna’s hand with another around her back. he rocks them back and forth, then holds her out for a twirl that has her giggling like mad. so stupid, sam thinks to herself bitterly. but she isn’t sure she means him or his sweet smile as he dances with anna or the fact that anything he does gets her weak in the knees. even when she’s supposed to be furious with him.

she resolutely does not watch them, but there’s unfortunately not really anyone else to talk to or watch, so she eats her toasted marshmallow in silence and stares into the fire. she loses track of time, zones out a bit, so when something nudges her shoulder, she jumps.

"sorry," niall apologizes when she looks up. he’s looming over her. "anna told me to come over. she thinks we should dance." a look passes over sam’s face, she knows it. it makes niall cringe. "apparently six-year-olds don’t understand the concept of being in a fight longer than a week. she says they’ve been waiting for us to make up all week."

"too bad i don’t allow six-year-olds to make my life decisions," sam retorts before she really thinks it through. before she can look away, niall frowns. he steps away, shoves his hands in his pockets.

she doesn’t want to dance with him, she wants to hurt him, because he’s hurt her, and one thing a six-year-old has said shouldn’t change anything. but god, that hurt look on his face trumps all. sam can’t handle that hurt look.

"oh, come on, then," she grumbles, heaving herself up and brushing off her hands. she doesn’t wait for niall before stepping into the clearing where he’d been with anna before. she ignores the cluster of little girls perking up off to the side, and she especially ignores the way liam segues right into a simple love ballad on that damn guitar.

niall’s right behind her. he steps up and holds her like he held anna, one hand clasping hers and the other sliding around her back, settling low. even the press of his hand over layers of clothing gets sam’s heart stuttering. it’s unfair.

"why didn’t you play capture the flag?" she asks. for some reason, her mind is blanking on anything else to say. 

"m’ knee’s been bothering me lately. wasn’t much in the mood to run around like crazy," he says, lips quirking at the edges a bit.

"if your knee’s hurting, you ought to sit down, rest it for a bit," sam tries to argue, but he doesn’t let her pull away.

"shhh." niall holds her hand tighter, and, when she stops resisting, he pulls her closer, until she’s leaning her head on his shoulder by instinct and breathing him in for the first time in days. she’d never admit it to anyone, but she’s missed this. 

"my knee wasn’t the only reason i stayed," niall mumbles a while later. he says it so quietly, sam almost misses it, but she knows he said it. it makes her want to pull away and slap him; he makes it so hard to be angry at him.

but instead, she only holds him tighter.

“It’s like this … All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila, the rest of your life you’re green.”

Tess Callahan

distorted thinking patterns as character flaws


So right now my middle schoolers are reading literature that gives examples of distorted thinking patterns, and as I was reading over one of their handouts, I realized lots of these (obviously) make for some really intriguing character flaws in creative writing, and they seem like fun to try out. I thought I’d share them in case anyone else might be interested!

  • Mental filter: Only paying attention to certain types of evidence
  • Jumping to conclusions: Mind-reading (imagining we know what others are thinking) and fortune telling (predicting the future)
  • Emotional reasoning: Assuming that because we feel a certain way, what we think must be true
  • Labelling: Assigning labels to ourselves or other people
  • Over-generalizing: Seeing a pattern based upon a single event, or being overly broad in the conclusions we draw
  • Disqualifying the positive: Discounting the good things that have happened or that you have done for some reason or another
  • Magnification and minimization: Blowing things out of proportion or inappropriately shrinking something to make it seem less important
  • Personalization: Blaming yourself or taking responsibility for something that wasn’t completely your fault; conversely, blaming other people for something that was your fault